Services we offer

We offer a variety of vehicle services performed by qualified technicians.
Get your car to our repair and service workshop, we promise to give you a ‘best-of-the-best’ experience.

Our Care and Quality Promise

Quality Parts

Most of the parts that we will ever replace in your car are from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or made by Original Equipment Suppliers (OES) We source these parts for you directly from wholesalers, avoiding the high markup added by manufacturers to save you money.

Qualified Technicians

Our technicians have undergone apprenticeship programmes and passed their trade tests. Assistants and apprentices work under direct supervision of a qualified technician.


Our service schedules follow the manufacturer specification and our procedures are based on the latest industry guidelines.

Mindful of Cost

Often the agents only offer a new component. If suitable alternatives aren’t available for your vehicle we will advise accordingly.

No Surprises

No work commences without our customers receiving a quotation and having authorised this.

Pensioners Discounts

We offer a discounted rate for pensioners, any day of the week.

We also offer the following services

Unplanned Repairs

Our team of highly qualified technicians are ready to meet all of your auto repair needs, they know how to take care of your vehicle from bumper to bumper. You want to get back on the road as soon as possible and to at a reasonable cost. We’ll protect your bank balance by keeping your budget in mind.

Preventive Maintenance

The secret to avoiding expensive repairs and breakdowns is adhering to our quality maintenance schedules. Our auto maintenance and repair specialists will custom design a preventive maintenance plan for you and your vehicle, we’ll put together proactive timely maintenance schedules that consider the age of your vehicle, your driving habits and the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Preventive maintenance may seem like an unnecessary car expense, but it often involves matters that you’ll have to take care of sooner or later, and paying for them sooner will often be a less expensive undertaking. Most important is the fact that preventive maintenance will help keep you and others safe. And if you don’t keep up with your car’s preventive maintenance, you may find yourself stuck or in need of repair when you can least afford it.

Thorough Inspections, Accurate Diagnoses

Our qualified and experienced technicians handle everything from simple oil changes to complicated mechanical repairs. They have the experience and expertise to handle repairs for all makes and models of vehicles. The first step for any auto repair is an accurate diagnosis. At Pop’s the team takes deliberate steps to properly diagnose your vehicle’s problem using state of the art testing equipment diagnostics systems, finding the true cause, and repairing it right the first time, rather than throwing parts at it hoping to solve the problem. In this way we pinpoint the exact vehicle problem and offer you the quickest and most affordable repair solution.

Electronic Repairs and Programming

Cars today have advanced electronic systems. Testing, programming and repairs electronic modules of these complex units requires the latest equipment available. Our systems are updated regularly and there is no fault too big or too small that we cannot correctly diagnose.

Vehicle Safety and Check-up Reporting and Inspections

When we perform Pop’s vehicle safety and check-up inspections, which are included FREE WITH EVERY SERVICE. We check suspension components, steering components, brakes, tyres, fluids, lights, and much more. Unlike some shops that might try to find things to sell you, you can trust us to tell you the truth. If we notice something that needs attention, we’ll tell you. It’s our obligation and responsibility, and it’s your right to know.

Brakes & Brake Pads

Brakes are designed to slowly wear as you use them. That’s why regular checking and maintenance of your brake system is vital. Just because your brakes are stopping your vehicle doesn’t mean they’re working their best. Visit Pop’s for service while you wait and we’ll make sure to keep your vehicle stopping properly. As with all our work quality is our focus and we only use the highest quality brake components products and premium brake fluid (More about brakes and fluid).

Battery Testing

Stop by your local Pop’s Auto Shop for a battery test. We’ll make sure it’s ready for another season. If you need a new battery, we can provide a guaranteed high-quality replacement that is right for your vehicle - at competitive prices.

Radiator and Cooling System

At Pops our trained auto service technicians will inspect your cooling system and replace any damaged or worn components. This will keep your engine protected and will provide you with peace of mind. We check hoses for damage and leaks, monitor engine operating temperatures.

Belts and Hoses

Worn and damaged belts and hoses are one of the most common causes of vehicle breakdowns. Pop’s service technicians will inspect belts for wear and cracks, check hoses for leaks and cracks and test for correct belt tension.

Fuel Injection Cleaning, Service and Repairs

Just like your engine occasionally needs cleaning, so do your fuel injectors. Although modern gasoline contains cleaning additives, combustion can still be a dirty process, leading to carbon buildup and other by-products. Your motor oil helps wash some of these deposits away, but it’s not always enough.

Extended Warranties

Speak to your Pop’s Auto Shop advisor about extended warranties and maintenance plans.
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