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The Pop’s Auto Shop business concept is designed to meet the challenging and changing needs of car owners and capitalise on the transforming motor industry.  It’s a brand-new operating model based on years of study and understanding of the retail motor sector and the needs of the motoring public.

The vehicle servicing industry is currently characterised by two main groups; major corporate franchise dealerships and smaller independent service workshops.  The franchise dealers focus on, and to some degree rely on, customers being locked into servicing their vehicles at these dealerships through embedded maintenance and service plans or warranty preservation.  The independent service workshops are largely operated by entrepreneurial technicians servicing, maintaining and repairing out of warranty vehicles.  That has changed.

Pop’s Auto Shop operations are designed to focus on the customer experience; small localised and convenient workshops.  High quality equipment and staff – as good as or better than manufacturer standards at affordable prices.

Ideal Operator

The Pop’s Auto Shop business opportunity targets people who want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves.  We believe that Owner-Managed businesses run by customer focused individuals with strong operational and administrative ability is key.  A good understanding of the technical aspects is helpful but business acumen is paramount.  An inherent focus on Customer Care will drive the ultimate success of the business.  The Pop’s Auto Shop philosophy is centred on integrity, honesty, care and quality at affordable prices.

Basic Requirements

A business partner will be required to employ qualified and experienced staff; at least one qualified technician is a minimum requirement.  There is a list of tools and equipment that is essential.  As with any customer facing business location is key; high traffic, visibility and convenience are essential and you’ll need at least 250 square meters of space under roof.

Branding, Corporate Identity and Marketing

The Pop’s Auto Shop Team have invested heavily in researching and developing a brand personality and brand identity.  Part of the business opportunity offer includes a comprehensive “Brand Bible” that speaks to the look and feel and how the customer engages with and experiences the brand.  Ongoing marketing support, guided by a marketing strategy that covers digital and conventional media is part of the package.

Tools and Set-up

Guidance and advise on sourcing the right equipment and tools will be provided.  Application, practicality, quality and cost effectiveness metrics – coupled with deep experience – has produced an optimal list for franchisees to acquire.

Diagnostic Solutions

Cars today have advanced electronic systems.  Testing, programming and repairs electronic modules of these complex units requires the latest equipment available.  The Pop’s team will ensure that our operators have the best diagnostic solutions and access to the up-to-date online technical information that is essential in servicing and supporting today’s vehicles.

Administrative Support and Training

This includes assistance and support in the following areas:

  • Supplier Agreements – we will assist in negotiating supplier agreements; ensuring accesses to quality parts and lubricants at cost effective prices.
  • Guidance and Support – the Pop’s Auto Shop franchise team is positioned to fully share their experience of the market so that any potential newcomer is fully aware of the challenges that will face them. Newcomers will be supported with as much information as possible so that an educated and informed decision can be made.
  • Cashflow Management – the life blood of any business, but especially a new one, is accurate and careful cashflow management. far mor business fail due to cash flow issues than profitability issues.  The Pop’s proprietary cashflow management system is part of the deal.  We can install and train on this process or run it on your behalf.
  • Accounting – the discipline of proper accounting practices and processes, compliance with legislation and tax ensure that you have a real growing business, that can be measured and valued so that you create wealth and not just income.

Operations Manual

The Pops Auto Shop Franchise team will provide you with a comprehensive and detailed operating manual covering every aspect of setting up and running a successful and profitable Pop’s Auto Shop business.

Empowerment Opportunities

A very important part, if not the most important part, of the Competitions Commission’s final set of guidelines for the automotive industry, (effective from July 1, 2021), was to address the high barriers to entry that have excluded smaller operators and historically disadvantaged individuals (HDIs) from becoming authorised dealers and a lack of competition and consumer choice in the sale and fitment of Spare Parts.  The Pop’s Auto Shop team are well positioned to provide the guidance and assistance necessary to suitably qualified and capable HDIs to access the capital required to establish a new Pop’s Auto Shop.


In establishing a business there are the initial investment costs - to set up and properly equip the business and working capital - to get the business on its feet and profitable.  The Pop’s management team have done the hard yards for you and have a formula for getting your new business up and running, earning an income and growing to profit.

Typical setup costs cover the premises, shopfitting, signwriting, equipment installation and tools - these can vary depending on the location, operating market and business objectives (how big do you want it to be).  The start-up costs can be as little as R500 000 or as much as R2 000 000

The operating capital varies too; every owner’s situation is different and how much is needed depends on the business plan we develop together and how quickly the business scales.

There is no up-front “Franchise Fee” - you are in every way partnering with a team of experienced operators who are part of your business and the ongoing costs will depend entirely on the level of administrative, management and marketing support you tap into. 

Partner Inquiry

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