Pop’s 52 Point Vehicle Safety and Check-Up


  1. Check for warning lights on dashboard.
  2. Check operation of hooter.
  3. Check operation of wipers and washers. (rear if applicable)
  4. Check operation in interior courtesy lighting.
  5. Check and lubricate door hinges, straps, locks and catches including boot lid.
  6. Check condition of spare wheel.
  7. Check service book and history.


  1. Check condition of mirrors.
  2. Check condition and operation of all exterior lights.
  3. Check and measure vehicle ride height and suspension firmness.
  4. Check condition of wiper arms and blades.
  5. Check condition of the windscreen, drop glasses and quarter lights.


  1. Check for oil and fluid leaks.
  2. Check condition, replace or top up brake fluid.
  3. Check condition, replace or top up anti-freeze.
  4. Check condition, replace or top up screen wash.
  5. Check condition, replace or top up power steering fluid.
  6. Check condition, replace or top up gearbox / auto transmission / rear differential.
  7. Check condition of auxiliary belts.
  8. Check condition of timing belt / chain.
  9. Check security of headlamps, side lamps, side repeaters and rear lamps.
  10. Check, tighten and grease battery terminals.
  11. Check and lubricate bonnet hinges, struts and catch.
  12. Check and replace air filter.
  13. Check and replace spark plugs.
  14. Check and replace fuel filter.
  15. Check and replace pollen filter.
  16. Check and replace oil and oil filter.
  17. Check condition of radiator and water hoses.
  18. Check condition of condenser and pipes.


  1. Check condition and security of bumpers and side skirt trim.
  2. Check condition of brakes, discs, hubs, shoes.
  3. Check condition and operation of steering, suspension and wheel bearings for excess play.
  4. Check condition of tyres including tread depth and sidewall condition.
  5. Check condition of road wheels.
  6. Check for oil and fluid leaks.
  7. Check for gearbox seal oil leaks.
  8. Check for differential and axle seal oil leaks.
  9. Check condition of suspension and mounting bushes.
  10. Check condition of drivetrain, drive shafts, joints and boots.
  11. Check power steering pump and rack for oil seal leaks.
  12. Check condition and security of brake lines.
  13. Check condition and security of fuel tank and fuel lines.
  14. Check condition and security of exhaust system and mounts.


  1. Take vehicle for road test.
  2. Check and report on clutch operation.
  3. Check and report on manual / auto gear change.
  4. Check and report on unusual noises and vibrations.
  5. Check and report on steering alignment, vehicle tracking and pulling under breaking.
  6. Check and report on brake and operation include handbrake.
  7. Check and report on the engine performance and idle quality / speed.
  8. Check and reset service lights and fault codes.
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