Fleet Services


If you have a fleet, we’ll develop a fleet maintenance and service plan for your needs. The best way to get years of high-quality service from each vehicle is to stay on top of maintenance, and that's exactly what our fleet maintenance and service plans are designed to do.

Pop’s services professionals will do routine inspections and services and will create easy-to-follow maintenance routines that your drivers can do between visits to Pop’s Auto Shop to keep your vehicles in their best operating condition. 

We understand that your fleet is a working productive asset and a vehicle off the road (VOR) is a serious problem for you and we know that this can be avoided through a maintaining a rigorous maintenance schedule and proactive preventative maintenance.

And when your vehicle does need servicing or repairs it needs to be done quickly and efficiently with as little VOR time as possible.
Contact us for a customised Fleet maintenance and service solution.

Pop's Auto is an accredited merchant for WesBank & FNB Fleet Services, and Standard Bank & Stannic Fleet Management
Get your fleet to our repair and service workshop, we promise to give you a ‘best-of-the-best’ experience.
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